Steps to Eliminate Minor DBX File Errors

Friday Mar 27, 2015

The Outlook Express is a very common & popular email client of Microsoft. It is the DBX files which holds the Express mail data of a user. The hypersensitivity of DBX files is a very common problem of the Outlook Express.  This means, that an Express user can lose his mailbox data because of myriad factors i.e. accidentally mail deletion, abrupt shutdown, virus attack, network breakdown, etc. To restore email (from minor errors) a user can try these steps.

Note: For effective and accurate email recovery a user can try the recovery email tool.

Note: A user would have to close all other programs before implementing these steps. This enhances the efficiency of the repair process. Open only the Outlook Express and Internet Explorer.

Remove the temporary internet files

Go to the Internet Explorer, select the Tools menu and click the Internet Options. Click the Delete files option in the Temporary Internet files panel. Move to the pop-up alert window and select the Remove all offline files check box and click OK. It is necessary to select the check box otherwise the Outlook Express files won’t be removed.

The Outlook Express develops a temporary internet file whenever a user opens the message (in Preview pane or message window). The temp files are held by the Temporary Internet Files folder of Internet Explorer. Many a times more than one temp file run into each other for creating synchronization issues.  By deleting these temp files a user can dramatically increase the speed of Outlook Express. The deletion would not affect the functioning of Outlook Express at all.

Compact all folders

Open Outlook Express and click the Work Offline option available in the File menu. Go to the Folder List, click Outlook Express and assure that no other mail or news folder is open. Exit the Folder List by clicking the X in the list pane.

Now click Layout on the View menu and clear the Folder List check box. Move to the File menu point to folder and select the Compact All Folders option. Do not interfere with the process till the time it is completed. If any error appears then close the MS Outlook or restart the Computer. Start the whole process once again.

The file folder dbx. Sometimes shows some strange behavior because of a discrepancy. By compacting the folder a user upgrades the master index.

Re-register Outlook Express

By re registering the Outlook Express a user can resolve many conflicting DBX errors. Select run from the start menu. Enter the msimn /reg command. Now click the Internet Explorer and select option in the tools menu. Click Programs tab and configure OE as the default e-mail or news client.

Reinstall the Outlook Express if the problem persists

If the problem still persists then reinstall the email client for removing the errors from it.

The aforementioned steps could resolve minor DBX file errors. For effective Email Recovery a user can refer the specifically designed recovery email tool. The Kernel for Outlook Express Repair is a one stop solution to restore email.

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