Perform DBX Repair when emails remain undeleted

Monday Apr 13, 2015

Any sort of damage or corruption in Outlook Express is quite consistent; it interrupts the process of sending and receiving emails, further leading to data inaccessibility. As soon the email application is struck with errors, the standard folder of the email profile start behaving absurdly and does not process normally. There are varied reason responsible for troublesome behavior of Outlook Express, some of them include, abrupt system shutdown, memory limitations, virus attacks etc.

Once of the most problematic situation arises when Outlook Express deleted items section is damaged. Often, items in deleted folder are of no use, but it can include data that was deleted unintentionally and is required to be restored. To perform this, user has to make use of backup or inbuilt utility provided with Outlook Express.

Considering a real time scenario, while trying to delete any email message from outlook Express folders like Inbox, drafts and sent items, data is unable to move to the ‘deleted items’ folder and operation fails, in some cases, errors message might get displayed. If the data is not required urgently user can delete or rename it completely, also some easy repair steps can be followed which are listed below:

  • Quit the Outlook Express application.
  • Choose start> search >all files and folders and type ‘deleted items.dbx’ in search and look for the file.
  • Right-click files and then select ‘Rename’ or ‘Delete items1.dbx’ to locate the file.
  • Restart Outlook Express application.

Before complying with the above steps first ensure that corruption is solely present in the deleted items section. For this, transfer email messages from one folder to another, if the transferring is successful; the deleted items section is damaged.  The above mentioned steps can help a great deal in resolving damage issues; however, for critical errors user can make use of DBX Repair tool for retrieving damaged Outlook Express folder in a fraction of seconds.

Repair DBX utility is devised with advance algorithms to revive inaccessible or corrupt user data.   The tool can help in recovering emails which were accidentally deleted or were removed from the ‘deleted items’ section. Kernel for Outlook Express incorporates advance algorithms that repair DBX file with utmost accuracy and safety, as it supports Unicode character conversion user will never face hassle in operating the tool. Repair DBX utility embeds a user-friendly interface, it lets user to recover their data without harming authenticity of user content and also save the recovered data in two saving options, DBX or EML file format.

Any sort of corruption in outlook Express file can cause great inconvenience to its users, it is recommended to rely on a trusted Repair DBX utility. This allow users to have easy access to Outlook Express folder, the tool will process easy recovery without hampering the structure and formatting of user data. Kernel for Outlook Express is compatible with Outlook Express versions 4.0, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0 and Windows operating systems 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000.

To find more details about DBX Repair Tool, visit:


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Steps to Eliminate Minor DBX File Errors

Friday Mar 27, 2015

The Outlook Express is a very common & popular email client of Microsoft. It is the DBX files which holds the Express mail data of a user. The hypersensitivity of DBX files is a very common problem of the Outlook Express.  This means, that an Express user can lose his mailbox data because of myriad factors i.e. accidentally mail deletion, abrupt shutdown, virus attack, network breakdown, etc. To restore email (from minor errors) a user can try these steps.

Note: For effective and accurate email recovery a user can try the recovery email tool.

Note: A user would have to close all other programs before implementing these steps. This enhances the efficiency of the repair process. Open only the Outlook Express and Internet Explorer.

Remove the temporary internet files

Go to the Internet Explorer, select the Tools menu and click the Internet Options. Click the Delete files option in the Temporary Internet files panel. Move to the pop-up alert window and select the Remove all offline files check box and click OK. It is necessary to select the check box otherwise the Outlook Express files won’t be removed.

The Outlook Express develops a temporary internet file whenever a user opens the message (in Preview pane or message window). The temp files are held by the Temporary Internet Files folder of Internet Explorer. Many a times more than one temp file run into each other for creating synchronization issues.  By deleting these temp files a user can dramatically increase the speed of Outlook Express. The deletion would not affect the functioning of Outlook Express at all.

Compact all folders

Open Outlook Express and click the Work Offline option available in the File menu. Go to the Folder List, click Outlook Express and assure that no other mail or news folder is open. Exit the Folder List by clicking the X in the list pane.

Now click Layout on the View menu and clear the Folder List check box. Move to the File menu point to folder and select the Compact All Folders option. Do not interfere with the process till the time it is completed. If any error appears then close the MS Outlook or restart the Computer. Start the whole process once again.

The file folder dbx. Sometimes shows some strange behavior because of a discrepancy. By compacting the folder a user upgrades the master index.

Re-register Outlook Express

By re registering the Outlook Express a user can resolve many conflicting DBX errors. Select run from the start menu. Enter the msimn /reg command. Now click the Internet Explorer and select option in the tools menu. Click Programs tab and configure OE as the default e-mail or news client.

Reinstall the Outlook Express if the problem persists

If the problem still persists then reinstall the email client for removing the errors from it.

The aforementioned steps could resolve minor DBX file errors. For effective Email Recovery a user can refer the specifically designed recovery email tool. The Kernel for Outlook Express Repair is a one stop solution to restore email.

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How to fix Outlook Express Errors and Get Back Inaccessible Email Data?

Wednesday Apr 10, 2013

Each and every Outlook Express e-mail folders, messages and local IMAP objects are stored in a single folder that is known as Store Folder or Store Root. This folder is the very significant part of your account but sometimes when you try to access data from account, you may get certain error messages related to Store Folder corruption. Such situation results all your significant data inaccessible and serious data loss. Read the rest of this entry »

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How to Manually Export and Import in Outlook Express?

Thursday Jan 31, 2013

Outlook Express is one of the most admired and widely accepted e-mail clients that serve as the ideal business e-mailing solution. It stores mailbox information in the Outlook Express (OE) Information Store or DBX file. OE information store contain entire mailbox items such as inbox, sent items, deleted items, emails, attachments and others of the Outlook Express mail account. Like other email databases, DBX files too are stored in the local system drive and very much vulnerable to different corruption threats. Outlook Express mailbox or DBX files become inaccessible or damaged due to following threats: Read the rest of this entry »

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Create backup to keep DBX file safe!

Wednesday Oct 31, 2012

Just like MS Outlook, OE or Outlook Express is also equally popular email client among personal and professional users. There are four main items in MS Outlook Express email client that is, messages, address book, mail accounts and newsgroup accounts. Entire items are saved as DBX files in different folders in the OE database. The aforementioned database can also get corrupt due to physical or logical reasons and users may lose the data including emails, email attachments, addresses etc. This calls for an immediate action to repair DBX files and recover entire data contained in the files.

However, if you could have created some backup of the important information this could have saved you. Maintaining proper backups of all the items of OE user account helps in fast and secure DBX recovery without any hassles. Backups can be created if users copy the Message files to a backup folder, export the Address Book to a .csv file and export the Mail Accounts and Newsgroups Account to a separate file. The following steps will illustrate the procedure of DBX recovery by creating and restoring backup files:

Find the steps below to create a backup folder:

  • Start Outlook Express
  • Click Tools, and go to Options
  • On the Maintenance tab, click Store Folder, copy the store location and run it
  • After opening the Store Location, choose Edit menu and click Select All
  • Click Copy and paste the contents in the Mail Backup folder (create a new folder and name it as Mail Backup)

Steps to export Address Book to a .csv file:

  • On the File menu, click Export, click Address Book
  • Select Text File (Comma Separated Values), and then click Export
  • Click Browse, Select the Mail Backup folder that you created
  • In the File Name box, type address book backup and then click Save
  • Click Next, select the check boxes for the fields you want to export, and then click on Finish

Steps to export mail/ newsgroup account to a backup folder:

  • On the Tools menu, click Accounts, On the Mail/ News tab, click Import
  • In the Save In box, select the Mail Backup folder, and then click Save
  • Repeat these steps for each mail account that you want to import and Close

Once you are ready with backups, you can restore entire information as and when required. To restore the OE items from backup folders you must import the messages, address books, mail accounts and newsgroup accounts from the back up folder. However, if the backup folder also gets corrupt you must rely on third party software to repair DBX files instantly. The Repair DBX software is easy to use and very effective when it comes to repair corrupt DBX files along with entire data contained.

It is also available in free trial version that lets the users have some idea about product’s usage and features. The trial edition lets you repair and preview the file. However, to restore the files, one must purchase complete software.

Blog Summary

There are many instances that we lose our data due to corruption in DBX files. By creating appropriate backup, we can recover many files. However, if the level of corruption is very serious and it deletes the backup as well, try third party Repair DBX software. It is easy to use, professional and efficient tool to recover corrupt or damaged DBX file.

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Steps to Recover Data from Corrupt Outlook Express

Monday Sep 10, 2012

Does your Outlook Express refuse to start? Or are you unable to see message in your inbox? So, how are you going to repair corrupt Outlook Express? In this blog, we will discover how to recover data from corrupt Outlook Express.

But before we proceed to discuss the repair process, it is important to understand how and where the email messages are stored in Outlook Express. It stores email messages in a database having .dbx extension. Each Outlook Express folders has one database associated with it. So, if you have five folders, you will have five databases. The Outlook Express databases have same name as their corresponding folders. Thus, the inbox folder has a database called inbox.dbx. You can find the location of DBX file by doing a search for *.dbx.

If any of the Outlook Express database is corrupt and you are unable to access it, you can simply delete it. However, this will also delete all the messages present in the database. Therefore, before deleting any database, it is important to have a backup of all its content.

In order to repair corrupt inbox folder, delete the database associated with it and then recreate it using the data from the backup. To do this, follow the steps below:

1.Close Outlook Express

2.Find the inbox database by searching for inbox.dbx or *.dbx.

3.Copy the file to a new temporary location and then delete inbox.dbx

4.If you have a backup copy, move it same folder as old inbox.dbx.

5.On searching for inbox.dbx, you will find that Outlook Express has created a new inbox folder in the local folder. However, it is empty

6.The inbox folder is now accessible but may not contain all the messages it had prior to corruption

In order to restore messages, you now need to manually copy each message into the inbox folder of Outlook Express. If you find all the steps mentioned above too technical and time-taking to perform, you can perform Outlook Express recovery using a third party tool like Kernel for DBX repair.

It is an easy-to-use tool using which you can repair and recover entire DBX data in just few mouse clicks. There is no need for any technical knowledge or expertise to operate this software. Anybody with general computer operating knowledge can effectively work and recover data using the DBX recovery tool. Compatible with any version of DBX files, the software can even recover deleted and permanently deleted email items. The software also provides various saving options to save the recovered data after performing DBX repair and recovery. You can try the software for free by downloading its free demo version.

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How to resolve Outlook Express (DBX) corruption problems

Wednesday Aug 8, 2012

MS Outlook Express has been developed based on DBX file format system that stores the data of the mailbox, journals, folders, inbox, calendars, etc. DBX files of Outlook express are very prone to get damage even any minor injure in the DBX files which can make the data of Outlook Express inaccessible. Read the rest of this entry »

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Repair DBX files instantly using DBX Recovery Software

Wednesday Jul 11, 2012

MS Outlook Express is one of those few well admired email clients that come with internet explorer or with several versions of Microsoft windows. It is very important to understand the fact that Outlook Express is an altogether different application in comparison to MS Outlook email client Read the rest of this entry »

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Repair Outlook Express DBX files

Monday Jun 11, 2012

Microsoft Outlook Express can display error messages and exhibit abrupt behavior. You can though try a few steps to perform Outlook Express recovery during strange situation in Outlook Express with minimum efforts. Read the rest of this entry »

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The common issues associated with the DBX files of Outlook Express

Monday Mar 26, 2012

The Outlook Express email client is built around the DBX file format or .dbx extension. The Outlook Express stores email messages in this format only. These files are located in the store folder. For determining the Store Folder location a user would have to click the Store Folder button at Tools>Options>Maintenance in Outlook Express. Read the rest of this entry »

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